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I started BK Project Partners because I've been where you are countless times.


My best example - I had a newborn in my arms, my 18 month old screaming for a snack, and a major home remodel with approximately 5,000 decisions still to be made all needing my immediate attention.  This paired with the process of packing and moving out of our home for said remodel and bookended with the deadline of my entire east coast family coming to stay in our hopefully completed home over the holidays including all the magic that should entail. Never mind the work, laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, birthday planning, and relationship tending that needed to happen as well.  I needed help but I didn't know where or how to get the help I needed on these very personal experiences.  


What I needed was a project partner.  Someone who would get to know me, my life and preferences, and take the details of some of these projects off my list.  Someone who I could trust to manage the logistics of a project and execute it to my standards from start to finish. Relieving my mental load along the way.


Let me be that partner for you.  With 15+ years of professional experience in project management and logistics in the non-profit and private sector, I have the knowledge and tools to take on whatever is holding you back.  No one can do it all, nor should you.  Successful people have support. It can be hard to let go and outsource on such personal experiences as a move, family vacation, holiday prep, home project (or maybe all of the above!) - stay in control by sharing your vision, then let me take over the mental load of research & logistics, and you make the final call.  

Know you need help, but not sure what exactly you need? Let's talk and find out how to get you back on stable footing and reclaim your time.



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