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Personal assistance to move your project forward and relieve your mental load.

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I'm Beth, An Expert in Planning & Logistics

BK Project Partners is here to help you reclaim your time and relieve your mental load. 


I know firsthand how life can sneak up on you with an unexpected twist or turn, it usually happens when your plate is already too full and your to-do list is never ending. That's when it's time to bring in a partner - a personal, detail oriented, logistics obsessed partner to manage your project start to finish. 


My Services

Below are just a sample of some of the areas I can partner with you on. Some are big, some are huge, others are smaller but each will help reclaim your time.

Each of my services comes paired with your own personalized, detailed project playbook.  Ensuring all the information you ever need is at your fingertips.


"When I had a last minute vision for my wedding but no time or energy to make it a reality, Beth took my idea and ran with it. She created something even better than I had pictured.  After meeting with Beth I didn't have to give it a second thought. She kept me updated along the way and exceeded my expectations."
Event Planning Client

"In just a few hours together Beth took a project that felt incredibly daunting and made it manageable and gave me the positive push forward to make it happen."
Home & Logistics Planning Client

"Given her years working in advocacy, it's no surprise that Beth's can-do approach can be described as: "No time to waste, no room for error!" She dove right in to get the right things done well, and brought me new perspectives and ideas I hadn't considered. Truly transformational!"
Travel & Logistics Planning Client

"With our family spread across the country finding a time and location for our yearly reunion is a large undertaking.  Lots of schedules, preferences, and opinions to take into account.  Beth not only researched and found the perfect spot for us, complete with unique experiences, but she took the time to listen to our needs.  It was life-changing to be able to hand off this task and definitely will again next year!"

Travel & Event Planning Client

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